Tema Container Port – Ghana

construction site of Tema Container Port in Ghana - completion is expected on or before November 2020

Meeting in Kampala, Uganda – February 2020

AKSA Group and MSP Team visited Uganda to discuss The Kasese Industrial Project with the Ministry of Finance and the Uganda Investment Authority

AKSA Group meets Honourable Dr. Ajedra in Vancouver

AKSA Group Team and Mervyn Pinto from Minaean SP Construction meets Honourable Dr. Ajedra in Vancouver, January 2020

Tema Container Port, Ghana

$ 110 million project being developed by AKSA Group, progress on construction - expected completion June 2020

AKSA Group meets Dragados and MSP Group

Meeting with CCC in Ottawa - September 2019

AKSA Group Team in UK

AKSA Group Team and guest attend world cricket in UK - July 2019

AKSA Group chairman Dinu Samji and Wim Arits – Willemen Groep

Meeting with Standard Chartered Bank - London Dorchester Hotel, April 2019

AKSA Group and ACEC Group

Executing MOU for construction projects - Ghana, December 2018

AKSA Group team

Renovating AKSA Gp West Africa Head Office in Accra - Ghana, December 2018

AKSA Group Team in India

AKSA Group - sabatical in India, September 2018